Find out about the benefits of the preserved flowers

The answer is not as complex as it seems, because they are natural Blossoms which go through a conservation process to maintain their freshness and beauty with no need for water and sunlight. To make them last longer you need to just avoid placing them where sun directly gives them and you should also remove the dust preferably with a hair drier or a soft fabric.

Advantages of flowers and preserved Roses in the secretflorists

• They are completely natural blossoms and therefore are environmental. They are born from the earth but following the preservation process, they become infinite in time.

• Due to their low energy consumption in both transport and storage, they are ecological.

• As a result of their long duration, they are useful for numerous occasions. An example of that is that more and more couples are using them for their decorations as well as for the bride’s bouquet.

• After doing the preservation process, it is not essential to do it with following the guidance for the maintenance; you will be able to keep its fresh look for a lengthy time.

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