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We like good stories What is your dream ?, What is your history ?, Those of personal improvement, those of romance, the facts of life and daily life that we like so much to see ?, Whatever, we love to see them in movies and series, relate and identify with the characters, hate some, love others and fall in love with each episode and the fate that each character will have, in video games we can also see these stories, play and participate in them, but the problem is that we depend on the story that the programmers created for our characters. But how fun it is to create these stories, create a character we like, create the obstacles and situations they face, see how the problems are solved and the protagonists are happy forever, achieve their dreams or overcome emotional or physical. In EPISODE all that is possible, this hilarious game allows you to be the director and scriptwriter of these stories, build the characters to your liking, create their life and history and see how they develop as the game progresses, all from the comfort of your phone or tablet, click here in this link “https://www.levelshack.com/episode/”and have fun with this exciting game for Android and IOS platform, it is the best RPG to relive your days from the past or for those who want to get rid of the stress of the present days.

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