My Gadget Repair; The assistant that your repair and electronics company needs for an electronics shop

We know the business of electronic repairs well and we know its center, which is the organization when it comes to providing a satisfactory service which in these modern and competitive times cannot be achieved while maintaining quality and efficiency at the margin with the gains, not if some management method with high capacities is not used that condense the important data to make them manageable.

Otherwise play the administration of something as sensitive as electronics or the responsibility of delivering a product in optimal conditions to a customer is a titanic and exhausting task but even worse, it becomes a result subject to errors that could result in large losses for your business

It is knowing first hand that in MGR (My Gadget Repair) gathering all our experience in this field, that we are very interested in offering your business owners: phone repair shop, computer repair store, electronic repair shop, mobile repairing shops, cell phone repair shop, among others, access to a management and administration service designed to contemplate all their possible needs and offer a relevant system to perform and / or facilitate tasks with a vision to improve their management, productivity and safety as an employer of an electronics repair store.

If your needs range from a phone repair shop, cellphone parts, wholesale gadget parts, computer repair store and cell phone repair software you can rely on My Gadget Repair to push your company to new horizons.

From the most essential in the administration of electronics repair such as: The organization of points of sale, billing, labeling of repairs, portals and customer service, feedback, to data and management of employees even more specific but very useful systems, such as : market planning, marketing, multi-language localization, bar codes, website creation.

MGR; a tool for maximum success within reach of your pocket and your capabilities.